Premium series furniture
Set no. 4

Set no. 4

The furniture set consists of:
• Module with 5 drawers (A-05);
• Corner module with an acrylic sink, a water tap and a waste basket (A-10M *);
• Module with a door and a shelf (A-10);
• Doctor’s mobile table with 4 drawers (A-014);
• Module with 6 drawers.
*All lower module drawers are equipped with plastic inserts.

The upper part of the kit consists of:
• Suspended module with a door, a shelf and a bactericidal lamp (A-17B);
• Suspended module with a lower backlight, door and a shelf (A-17);
• Angular suspended module (A-17U *).

Set Dimensions: 1425X2665 mm

Depth 600 mm

Height: 888 mm

Facade color RAL: 8025, color of handles and side walls RAL: 9003

Product Details
Unit price:
4183, – Eur
VAT included
Set no. 4
Unit price:
4183, – Eur VAT included
Price on request:
4183 , – Eur
VAT included