Vacuum cleaners for dental laboratories 1-2 working places



The priority of the Tooth Labs is topreserve the health of a technician by eliminating toxic small particles. So we offer you a vacuum cleaner to dental laboratories for 1-2 jobs manufactured in Italy. Equipped with a very efficient engine.

The price is 643 EUR.


Пылесос для стоматологических лабораторий на 1-2 рабочих места


Description: Professional manufacture of vacuum cleaners from Italy for dental technicians. Strong and compact, it can be used to absorb residues of dust and small debris during processing, directly connected to the dental equipment used.

Application: This vacuum cleaner is designed to connect directly to dental facilities and is capable of integrating furniture. In cases where the waste generated is more, the vacuum cleaner is available without packaging and with a capacity of  7,5 liters.



1. Three-stage filter system, microfiber bag, M-class cassette filter and HEPA intake filter.

2. Electromagnetic compatibility and electric vehicle socket are an automatic starting and stopping system.

3. Adjustable suction capacity.

4. The ability to connect to all models of dental equipment.





  Пылесос для стоматологических лабораторий на 1-2 рабочих места