About company MedProfLine



We developed for You multifunctional and comfortable to use "Avanta" furniture, which totally corresponds to the world level. Our products are not just simply comfortable to use, but also it successfully combines reasonable correlation of price and quality.


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Reasons to purchase our furniture:

  1. Choosing our company you should consider as making the right choice.
  2. We have high-quality manufactured products made using new technologies.
  3. Unlike other manufacturers, our furniture is silent - thanks to our developed technology of filling the facades.
  4. In addition, all parts that are in contact with moisture and may be susceptible to corrosion are made of galvanized steel, thereby ensuring the durability and strength of the furniture.
  5. The frame is not painted whole. Each individual part of the furniture is painted separately, and then assembled together. Based on this there are no unpainted parts anywhere.
  6. We fundamentally do not use chinese fittings and fasteners.
  7. We do not use self-tapping screws as a fastener. All prefabricated elements have a screw connection.
  8. Please note that our company does not have dealers or intermediaries, since we cannot afford it, due to the optimal prices for products. If you choose our products, you will receive a discount, since we bear much higher production costs compared to other manufacturers.
  9. All our products are of high quality and comply with medical standards.
  10. A wide selection of color palettes, modern design, streamlined production, allows you to create an individual bright interior and comfortable working conditions in accordance with medical standards.